Different types of landlords all businesses encounter

For you to secure a commercial lease and get an office to run your business, you have to go through a process that may take time. As you search for the right space or during occupancy, you will have to encounter the property owner. These owners may be small individual or developers who are familiar with how to invest in Spanish real estate.

Each property owner is different in how they manage their property. Since they have different rules of occupancy, it is important for you to understand the different types and their characteristics so that there is harmony during your occupancy.

The first type is the mom and pops. If you have a small business that has simple needs, this is the right property owner for you to choose. They have small portfolios since their obtained that property as their primary investment. They may not be as formal as other property owners. Mom and pops favour their tenants who make use of their space constructively.

They are straightforward and may not give you problems as you occupy their property. They make close relationships with tenants due to their flexible nature. If you are looking for such as property owner, you should show that you are willing to occupy the space and help them understand how the business can be indirectly beneficial to them.

You may also come across family investors as you search for retail space. Unlike the mom and pops, they have a big portfolio due to a long period of being in the industry. They don’t have a close relationship with the tenant but are materially involved in the management of their property.

They are responsible for the leasing of the house. If your business is a medium sized with short-term needs to grow, you should choose these type of landlords. You must be a stable tenant that pays their rent on time to live harmoniously with these landlords. You should communicate all your needs as well as limitations when dealing with these landlords so that they can try to accommodate them.  Family investors have a lot of knowledge regarding all the buildings they own.

If you run a large business that makes you a high profile tenant, you should choose management companies. These are the type of landlords that may not be the owner of the property, but managers hired to run the property on behalf of the owner.

They have a large portfolio of different properties that can accommodate different business needs. Their lease terms are often standardized and not very flexible for small tenants. You should choose these type of landlords if your business has established credit so that you can meet the requirements of these managers.

There are also real estate developers that acquire different types of properties such as residential, office, retail or hotels. These buildings are designed by architectures who equip them with some of the best amenities. Such property is well maintained and has strong security.  You can choose these types of landlords if you run a serious company that needs premium space.

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